We are a small wildflower nursery based in Kent, supplying wildflower plants and seeds. All of our plants and seeds are of UK provenance and we only grow British wildflower species. We are passionate about wildflowers and want to encourage everyone to grow them! Wildflowers are important for our native bees, butterflies and moths that depend on them for their survival, and all are in decline. Imagine a countryside with no colour, no bees buzzing, no butterflies flitting ..... doesn’t bear thinking about. You don’t need a big garden to grow wildflowers – you can plant them amongst your current plantings, or create specific wildflower areas. In no time at all you will be rewarded with the rich variety of wildlife your flowers will attract!

Our website will be constantly evolving with the ultimate aim of becoming a place where you can find a wealth of information on wildflowers and wildlife gardening. Wildflowers have been in the media a lot lately as more and more people are recognising that our native wildflowers, bees, butterflies and moths are in serious decline and that all of us need to do our bit to help reverse this situation.

Alarming, too, is the serious decline in bee and bumblebee populations - we are dependant on bees for pollinating a lot of the food we take for granted. A decline in bees means serious problems in our food production. Even the birds depend on wild plants for some of their food, for example, the Turtle Dove is now threatened with extinction because is plant food sources are becoming scarce in the wild. Planting wildflowers is one way we can help nature, and you will be amazed at the amount of wildlife you will attract by doing so! Even putting a tiny pond in your garden will reap rewards.

All the wildflowers we sell are British wildflowers grown from seed with British provenance. The seeds we sell also have a British provenance. Occasionally we sell the odd plant that is not a wildflower, eg, Phacelia. With such plants the information about them will clearly state this.


British-grown Wildflowers and Seeds We are Peat Free









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